Thursday, December 11, 2008

Emma is 5!!!!!

Of course we had a horse! Emma is totally in love with horses and so I got this horse to come and it was wearing a tu-tu! She thought it was so cool that she rode Maisy-May Cupcake (the horse) 4 times! Some of the kids liked the horse, some didn't. All in all it was a fun day and I am glad Emma is happy that's what we really care about. Happy 5th Birthday Emmy!!!

This is Emma when we took her out to dinner- what a goofy kid!


The Petersen side of our family went on a way fun trip to Disneyland for Thanksgiving. It ended up being 24 people total! It was crazy fun! We had these great hotel rooms that were suites with kitchens in them and we shared with the cousins. The kids all loved to run crazy all over the elevators and all the rooms (it totally drove poor Grandpa crazy, he was being the responsible adult and didn't want the kids to get taken). My favorite memory was seeing the cousins all playing together, and you could just feel how much they missed each other and how much love they have for each other. To me that was better than any ride or treat Disneyland could offer. We had matching t-shirts made for us to wear there and it was fun to see all the white shirts, people must have thought we didn't know what birth control was or something with all these kids! At Disneyland Emma and Taylor ran opposite directions the entire time so we were always having to chase after them. Chase was a real trooper and really loved the Pirates of the Caribbean ride the best. Chad was right at home and took the liberty of escorting the teenagers to all the fun rides. Emma would get scared at the beginning of rides and then after it was over she would beg to go again! Taylor really liked the merry-go-round and the mickey mouse shaped suckers. Grandpa Pete was so sweet to Demi and let her hang on him all night the last day we were there, she loved it! Taylor was Grandma's shadow there and followed her everywhere, although she really liked her uncle Tagg and keeps asking where he is. We had such a fun time seeing everyone together- it just wasn't long enough and it never really is!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Friends at the Park

I have really been trying to get out with the kids and do fun things. On this day, my friends called and invited us and I thought it would be way fun for Taylor because Emma was at school. I was right she loved it! She didn't want to leave, and neither did I.

Alissa and Kennedy

Kilee and Taylie Maylie

Funny Chad!

-Chad gets jealous when I don't pay complete attention to him so he wrote this- I guess I will post the Disneyland pics later- ;)