Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My new profession...Photography

Okay so I am a complete amateur and I was messing around with these pics and some really turned out good. It was raining last week and the kids were all wearing matching sweaters so I felt inspired to freeze a few moments in time. I'll keep trying to get better, stay tuned!

My beautiful little Taylie Maylie

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Chase's Blessing

Chase Tyler Petersen was blessed on Sunday, January 4th, 2009 by his daddy. For those that were able to attend, you would all agree it was a very special and appropriate blessing. It was so perfectly said with such love and hope and promise of a wonderful life for our little boy. It couldn't have been a better blessing! Not to mention Chase looked so cute in his little penguin Tuxedo (that I searched the town over to find). It even came with all the bells and whistles like a cumberbun, a bowtie, and long coat tails in the back. I would have added a top hat if I could have found one to fit, but he was cute anyways! What a stylish little guy! The rest of the family was dressed all in white to match (Like every Sunday, sorry Chad we make you wear a lot of pink, maybe with Chase around we'll do some blue now and again!) Except for reble Mommy who wore the complete opposite, BLACK!- I just got this outfit and was dying to wear it! ......OOPS I got really off subject; Chase your blessing was a wonderful day and I hope you know we love you so much!!!!

One Proud Grandma!

I love these pictures of Chase because it shows how sweet and adorable he is! You just want to cuddle him up right next to you! I never get tired of starring at my handsome litle Chaser-Acer, and apparently neither does Grandma Hula! :)