Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Let the busy season begin...

Cabriotti goes on a Field Trip
 At the end of September Cabriotti's class went to Staheli Farms for a fun educational tour. I volunteered to come with and bring treats. Chase was actually really good sticking right by me and Bri.
 They had a TON of pumpkins there of course.
They showed us how pumpkins grow and then let the class pick a pumpkin to take back to our classroom.
The kids got to see cotton plants and learn all about how we use it to make clothes.
 We also got to see a cow defecate all over the fence and I found the reaction of Chase like this way more amusing than the cow. So you are welcome for me not posting that disgusting picture instead.
 Chase found this cute little rocking chair to sit in and he kept saying "it's just so yittle!" he loved it!
 Bri chose this big rocking chair instead and we took a short break to cool off because it was getting pretty hot that day.
 This painting of "How Tall This Fall?" has been there ever since we moved here 5 years ago and I have taken my kids pictures next to it each year. It's crazy to see them grow because I remember when Emma was just barely 3 and Bri was a little baby the first time we came here.
 I tried to get a quick picture of the kids here but Chase was looking everywhere except at the camera.
 Even when he would say "cheese" he still looked away. Stinker!
This random picture of Emma was taken that day after the farm because she kept trying to get my attention while I was on the phone but I was busy so she decided it would be best to treat me like her teacher and raise her hand instead to get a turn to talk. I thought it was so funny I grabbed my camera quick and took this. Then she FINALLY got her turn to talk and say that all she wanted was her after school snack! ha ha poor kid!

Travis' 13th Birthday! 
 We went to Chad's parents house to have a fun family birthday party for my nephew Travis and go swimming too.
 Chase was so anxious to get in the pool and so he was the first one in!
 After they swam we sang to Travis and had some yummy cake! 13 years old, now he's a teenager! Ahhhhh!

School Carnival/Cheerleading
 The girls really wanted their pictures taken with Rapunzel and Pocahontas but I was quite surprised they  got so nervous standing next to them. The rides were pretty crowded though so we only did a few things there like face painting and a few bounce houses. I made sure to pick up some yummy baked goods at the bake sale and bid on a few of the silent auction baskets. I won my friend's basket that had a $10 Croshaw's gift certificate, a 2 hour house cleaning certificate, $20 in Movie tickets, & the book The Help. I got all that for only $55! Plus we bid on a new router there for $10 and won it!
I made this carnival basket for Emma's teacher Mrs. Summerhays and it sold for $35.
This one was for Cabriotti's teacher Mrs. Anderson and it sold for $40. Frankly I was disappointed with the lack of donations to the baskets for each class. There were only 4 out of 26 kids that donated in Emma's class and 5 out of 25 kids donated things from Bri's class. Come on people I asked for dollar store donations. What is $1? Seriously! Okay I am done venting but I just have been very surprised with the lack of support that parents have shown. 
 Then before we knew it, the time had come to head to the High School for the girls cheerleading performance at half-time. Bri looks excited here.
I took the kids outside of the carnival and snapped some quick pictures just in case I couldn't get any after the game and Chase felt like he needed his picture taken too. They were all so funny, Emma and her many dramatic poses, Bri looks so sweet and silly, and Chase looks like the little monster he is!
Emma just before she performed. 
 This shows Bri's dolphin really well ha ha!
Bri as she is headed out to perform. 
During her performance. 
 This is the girls together after the show. The last one is my favorite because Bri looks so comfy being held and Emma looks like she is just holding her little baby. ha ha. It was cute to see those little girls out there shakin' there bums and having a blast! I am glad we have had them do this each year for the past 3 years, they have come a long way since then!

 Chase is turning 3 in 2 weeks!
 I can't believe my baby boy is turning 3 soon! He is such a sweet and funny kid and we are so lucky to have such a spunky little boy! I love him to pieces and wanted to plan a simple yet fun party for him this year. We decided on a Monster Truck theme and I made these invites to hand out. Wish me luck as I add yet another thing on my to-do list before this baby comes! I must enjoy insanity or something! ha ha

The Little Mermaid 
We were lucky enough to have Grandma and Grandpa Pete take us to the sold out show "The Little Mermaid" up at Tuachan. My girls got all dressed up cute with their Mermaid paraphernalia in tote and we headed up there for dinner before the show. The down side was that it was raining but we didn't mind we came prepared in our rain coats and umbrellas. Despite our optimism, the show was unfortunately canceled. We had some very disappointed and sad little girls. We were able to get another set of tickets and will be able to go again on Oct 12th so hopefully the weather can cooperate.  

My cute niece Lexy and her date Dane (we call him many nicknames,"Sparky" being my favorite because he is one of the boys that was struck by lightning last year at school).
 They look so cute here!
 I thought this was a fun picture of Lexy and my SIL (her Mom) Ericka.
 A better close-up
 Oh how cute!

Sunday Dinner
 We try to get together on Sundays and have dinner with Chad's family. The kids are always begging us to go so they can swim and run wild through their house! ha ha
This time they found a nice slippery sleeping bag to slide down the stairs in. The things they get to do at their house I never let them do at ours so I can see why they prefer going over to visit them!
The mischievous little girls getting ready to conjure up a plan...
Chase is like an energizer bunny because he just keeps running and going and it seems like he never stops! 
 Chad's favorite Sunday activity is to nap! Lucky guy!
 This is the look you get when you ask for a smile from a monster boy! ha ha
 The lovely ladies hard at work cooking dinner.
Our good friend Jay and his wife Paula came by too and joined us for dinner and then provided us with some unique entertainment as a hypnotist. The victims that night were Lexy and her friend Dane. It was hilarious to see the things he made Lexy do. She was convinced that Dane was Justin Beiber and that her skin was green. Good times, poor Lexy! 
 My beautiful SIL Ericka
I was happily enjoying sitting on the couch the whole night. It was so relaxing because my kids were so entertained that they didn't come whining to me at all!
 This is Jay's wife Paula 
 Looking back several pictures to when we first arrived at Grandma's verses this picture of my sugar-high crazy munchkins makes me laugh!
 My kids givin' Aunt Ericka extra lovin'! She's a good sport letting my kids use her as a jungle jim!

FHE/Haunted Gingerbread House
This is a non-messy before picture as we just get started making our scary haunted house. 
My kids went from sitting on stools behaving to climbing on the counter mauling the house as soon as the decorating candy was opened! 
Little Chase-man was sneaking the candy every time I turned my head. Stinker! 
You can tell that Chad takes his role as Gingerbread house contractor very seriously! He does have insanely good icicle making skills!
 Yes that is my child sucking down the black frosting!
And here is the finished product! So scary! Luckily I took this picture when I did because the weight of all the frosting and candy made the roof slip so it actually now has my fingerprints on it from me holding it together until it dried. Yes, I sat there for 20 minutes so that our family creation wouldn't fall apart. Your welcome kids! ha ha

Cabriotti's Bike!
 Bri decided one night that she wanted to try riding her bike without training wheels. She did AWESOME! Within 15 minutes she had it down. We are so proud of her!
Chad was so cute working with her. He really spent some great quality time with her and she felt so special!

Cutest Quilt EVER!
 I was lucky enough to receive this beautiful and thoughtful quilt from my good friend Lindsay. She is the same friend who made my children their Swiss Days outfits in 2 days! Needless to say she is amazing! I am so lucky to have such sweet people in my life like her!
 Look at all the darling fabrics that she chose! I just love it!
This is a great shot of the front and back. Thank you Lindsay! Make sure to check out her website here: http://linzsews.blogspot.com/