Friday, March 25, 2011

Hooray for new furniture! I need your input!

A little more decor.
 We ended up not leaving for Spring Break, instead we bought some new furniture. I also went to Krumpets last week and bought a ton of Easter decor. so I took pics to show what cute stuff we found there. If you have never gone to Krumpet's you seriously need to check it out, they carry such cute and affordable home decor! We love it! 

Below I posted pictures of any changes I have made to our house in the past month so you will see the room listed and then the items changed (ex: kitchen:just decor) so it makes it easier to recognize the changes. Please leave comments as to what I should change or add, I would really appreciate it!
 the kitchen:just decor
 more kitchen: just decor

 the hallway: just decor

 Entertainment Center: just decor

 Living Room: new swivel lamp and decor

 Guest Bath: just decor

 Master Bedroom: the candlesticks and long bench

 Entry way: Scroll table, Lamp, decor

 toy room: new table and chairs

 Chase's bunk bed has this cute shelf for the top bunk
 the theme is sports, obviously
Chase's new room: bunk bed, bedding, dresser, frames, decor

 Upstairs bathroom: just towels

 Emma's room: trundle bed, bedding, dresser, decor, sconces, frame

 Taylor's room: bedding

Outside:just decor
My walkway is like a lined Easter egg trail that lead to the front door. We also got these cool carrots. Desert Sun landscape made my grass so green, it looks like carpet! Spring/warmer weather we are ready for you now to come any time now! Also, please feel free to leave your comments and suggestions on decorating because I would love to hear your opinions.

We also had a security system installed last week to help when we are out of town or when I am home alone while Chad is out of town. It sure makes us feel safe although the door chimes "Garage Door Open, beep, beep" got annoying real fast and we turned it to silent during the day. This is the touch screen in our bedroom that is wireless.
 This is the master code box that is in the living room by the garage door. Just in case you wanted to know our code is 12345, j/k. ha ha just thought I'd throw that in! I think it is so cool because I have an app on my phone that allows me to arm and disarm the system from my phone wherever I am! I can also view with the cameras in the house to see any activity since it has a motion activated sensor too!
This is one of the yard signs and it had a solar light so you can always see that we are PROTECTED!  BURGLARS BEWARE!

Spring Break and the Dentist

Spring Break
So the kids had 10 days off of school and we wanted to take them to the beach but with the tsunami (Taylor kept calling it a Salami ha ha) warnings our Hawaii plans were canceled. We decided to just do fun things each day here in St. George. We did so many things: Jumpin' Jacks, Fiesta Fun, Pirate Island, Shopping, decorating Sugar cookies, sleepovers, movies, Bake Sale, Mcdonald's, cafe Rio, and Panda Express! Our Spring Break was BUSY! My favorite part was shopping at Krumpet's 6 out of the 10 days! My friend and I got amazing deals on way cute decor! My house is fully decorated for Easter, the front entry even has a giant egg lined pathway! I. LOVE. IT!
 It's funny that this is the only picture I took during St. Patrick's Day. We made some cute 4 leaf clovers, butterflies, and bunnies. The kids all added their own toppings. This particular one above is Emma's.
 This was so hilarious because Friday night after Chad and I got back from the movies I went to my friend Kally's house for a bit. We were trying to talk quietly so the kids would go to sleep.  We went to check on them and couldn't find where her daughter Julia had gone! We looked all over and this is where we found her, asleep...under the bunk bed! We were totally cracking up and laughing! She is so funny!

Buy it for Wyatt
 These cute girls decided to put together a Bake Sale for the Larsen's in our ward who lost their little 5 mo. old baby, Wyatt. We were so excited to go buy lots of yummy treats and make a donation to such a great cause! My friends even helped bake items to donate for sale (thank you to all who did!)! So many people were there to support and they were able to raise $1500 to use for a headstone for Wyatt!
 Each person in our family filled a plate of treats to enjoy! Those brownies were sooo good!
 Emma picked this cute little penguin, it's so creative!
 Here is Emma enjoying her penguin!
 It made her lips black!

 Chad was sick last Thursday with the flu and watched cooking shows all day. So on Sunday he tried this lemon chicken recipe. It also had yummy baby red potatoes in it!
 It was so delicious that I think we can add it to our list of Sunday Dinner favorites! The chicken was so tender and full of flavor. If you want the recipe go to

 I always dress our family in matching colors and outfits on Sundays because it makes choosing what to wear easier. This last Sunday I made cute pink ad zebra striped hair bows for the girls to match their skirts. They each has a white silk shirt on and black shoes too. I use sparkle spray in their hair just to add that little flair, but Chase always asks for spray too. So what did we do? We used blue hair gel of course! It was funny how many people came up to him and commented on how cute it was. He was dressed in all black with a charcoal vest and pants that matched Chad. I wore a hot pink and black shirt with a black "twirly skirt". I know, I treat my family like little dollies that I get to dress up and that's what is so fun about Sundays for me! Chad is such a good sport, actually they all are good sports to let me do it!
 Emma and Tay loved how much fluff was in the dresses!
 They were so funny posing for me, I guess you can tell they get their picture taken quite frequently.
 They wanted a picture from both sides, they crack me up!
 This is them raising their arms about to take a bow...
Emma was just sure this was the perfect pose and she was very proud of it!
 I took a close up of the bows I made...
Instead of a great bow picture, looking closer I noticed Taylor in the background making a winking face and I think this was the best picture of the day! She is so silly!
 Chase on the other-hand, was NOT amused by the camera and kept running away.
 He hid by Dad to avoid the "Paparazzi Mommy"!
 I snagged this one of his hair so you can see it better. This picture really doesn't show how dark blue it was. The fun really came when I bathed him that night and the entire tub was blue! I think we will wait a while before doing the blue hair gel style again.

 I scheduled my 3 kids for their check-up 6 months ago and didn't take into account that it would be during Spring Break. Luckily, we were in town but sitting in the waiting room isn't my idea of fun. That is, unless you go to this dentist where their is a mini-village and t.v. and games galore! My kids now happily look forward to the dentist!
 Taylor was acting like a puppy in one of the houses. I was told to call her "Fairyswan". I have never heard that name before, have you? They make me laugh!
 Chase was fairly entertained once we got into the dentist chair for his examination. The girls did great too!
 However, he HATED the taste of the fluoride foam! He kept stick his tongue out and wiping it on the tissue.
 Here the girls are brushing the stuffed animals teeth with giant toothbrushes. It was really cute. as we were leaving the kids each get to pick a book and a balloon and they are each given a new toothbrush. What more can you ask for? We have been going here (Children's Dental) for the past 2 years and we really like this dentist/office.

Fiesta Fun Family Night
 Vista does fun Family Nights every few months and this one was at Fiesta Fun. Because this is right across the street from where our Auction is Chad just came right over after work with us. It was raining and cold outside so we opted to just to the arcade games so we gave the kids their tokens and off they went.
 Right off the bat, Emma (with a little help from her Dad) won the jackpot!
 Taylor found all kinds of fun games too and had a blast playing them.
 Their favorite was the "Ball Drop" game so they were there most of the time playing it.
 Chad had quite the strategy, it was very entertaining to observe this whole scheme!
 I always tell my kids that crane machines are a rip off and not to play them. Emma was bound and determined to prove me wrong. Looks like she won this time! She was so excited and the best part was she gave one to Taylor too! I love it when my kids choose the right without being prompted it makes me smile!
 I noticed that Chase was not standing by me anymore and I turned around to find him on none other than a Race Car game! He was making his own sound effects and thought he was really driving. How's that for free entertainment! Funny boy!
 After Emma's sharing stunt, Emma and Taylor also agreed that they would combine all their tickets and split them equally. I can't believe how much better the prizes are at Fiesta Fun than at Pirate Island! My kids walked away with 10X the amount that they would at Pirate Island!
 They even had enough to buy Chase 2 Jeeps!
 They got me a handful of Laffy Taffy too! MMMM
 And they got Dad Sour Punch Straws!
 Here we are, the proud parents of 3 happy, sharing, and considerate kiddos!

Tuesdays are CRAZY!
 I can't believe how busy my Tuesdays are! We have school, dance for both girls, soccer games, and girl scouts. I have got to rearrange them before I go insane. I think categorizing myself as a "Soccer Mom" is quite the understatement! At least my kids enjoy it all because that is the ONLY reason I submit myself to such chaos on Tuesdays. Just look at Emma and her new buddy, they are so happy.
 Do you recognize that purple bear? Emma won it at Fiesta fun and decided it was the team mascot since they are all lavender. This is her team after they finished their snacks at half time.
 My friend Kally is so sweet to always come and help me at the soccer games. Chase sat on Julia and they both thought it was great! They are such hams! Ha ha ha
Taylor was so excited for her game to start she was jumping up and down and saying "I'm gonna run super fast and attack the ball, okay Mom" I love her enthusiasm! :D What a fun, busy, and crazy week!