Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Monsters vs. Jazz? and Baby Blake :)

So the new movie Monsters vs Aliens was released last weekend and we got a vip package to go see it 3d up in slc.
We decided to make a fun trip out of it.

Chad went to the Jazz vs. Suns game Saturday night and had box seats reserved for him, Gary, Jon, and Nick! They were served dinner and never-ending snacks and goodies! He bought all of the fun Jazz paraphernalia (I was surprised he didn't get "Go Jazz" shaved into his head). Chad was also on the pregame show waiving and flailing his arms like a mad man! He is totally a die-hard Jazz fan! For example, when the Jazz season started he decided to buy new flat screens for the house! (I really can't see a huge difference between the old tv and new but that's okay) However, I love how passionate he can be about things ;)

We took the kids to the movie Saturday Morning and had a blast. Every preview that came on the kids wanted to go and see. They each picked all the essential treats for the movie and boy did they have way too much! I think we ended up taking the kids on 3 potty breaks during the duration of the movie. It was so cute to see my kids laugh so hard and see them have such a good time. Afterwards we visited the Aquarium exhibit in Draper and let each of the kids pick out a souvenier to remember our visit. After going out to eat we decided we should take abreak and relax after such an eventful day!

Sunday morning came around and we woke to Emma saying the graphic phrase "Blake is coming out!"(I suppose it's important that you understand that "Blake" is my older brother Chris's first baby) So I jumped out of bed and got the kids ready and packed our bags. Chad loaded the car and I loaded the kiddos. Off to the hospital we went! About 1 hr. later we got there, but we also noticed the insane spring snowstorm! We waited patiently for Blake to arrive for 2 hrs. and Chad and I got nervous about traveling in the snow. We ended up leaving after waiting for so long only to hear that he was born 45 min. later...grrrrr what a bummer! But at least he was healthy, 8lbs. 13ozs.! Chris and Jackie will make awesome parents! We love our new nephew Blake!

What a crazy crazy weekend, but fun! :)

Thursday, March 26, 2009


So Tuesday night at about 9:30 all the kids are in bed asleep, until Chad starts shouting at the Jazz players which luckily ended up waking only Chase. I took a good 30 minutes putting him to sleep so I told Chad it was his turn for Chasers....around 10:30 I come out to find this cute picture-perfect moment.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Who's eggscited for SPRING?

I can't tell you how many times my kids have asked "Is it Easter yet?" It's not only Easter they ask about. Poor Tay-Tay has been planning her birthday party ever since December and her birthday isn't until May! She also thinks that she is turning 5 not 3, we aren't quiet sure how to break the news to her. I love that the weather is getting nice enough to go outside more!