Monday, April 13, 2009

It's no fair! hmmm

The battle of consistency and fairness can't ever be won, believe me I try! When I gave out gummy bear vitamins last night, Emma got 2 pink and Taylor got 1 yellow and 1 red. Emma says "ohh yummy I love these", but Tay-Tay says "Hmmm no fair I didn't get pink hmm no fair"! I thought come on, it's only a gummy bear!

That's just one of many examples of fairness or lack thereof that goes on daily at our house! It doesn't matter whether it's a kids meal toy, a candy, an Easter present, a new outfit, a hair bow, or even character utensils "IT'S JUST NO FAIR"! Well I am unsure of why my kids feel so cheated, until I found the source...... ME, I just think it's not fair that I can't eat a box of cookies a day and still wear my "cute pants". It's no fair that I have to change poopy diapers, and do the dishes, and eat healthy food, and so on. Waa waa waa right? Well, I got to thinking about what's not fair and....

Really it's just not fair that I have such wonderful sweet kids, and a Husband who is willing to do the occasional poopy diaper change or watch a girlie movie with me, and a family who would do anything for me whenever I ask, and a roof over my head, and confidence that I CAN DO ANYTHING!

Fine that's corny I know, I know but once in a while when I have hard days I realize how blessed I truly am and remember, hmm it's no fair hmmm! :)