Sunday, February 8, 2009

sooo BIG!

Chasers is such a smiley baby!

Tay wanted her pic. taken too!

OOOOh whats that?

Better Than Me?

Hinder/Theory of a Deadman was here in St. George this weekend. We know a few of their songs and thought it would be fun to go. We were surprised to find out that Chad's sister Robyn and her 2 oldest boys would be going too! Our seats were a few rows away from each other. The stage was fairly close considering we got our tickets the day before the concert. We aren't huge rock fans but we got really into it! The Guitarist was crazy good, it was like Rock Band but LIVE! It was fun to go to the concert but we really just had fun being together and singing at the top of our lungs! ROCK ON!!!!

My BEST Friend!

Thursdays is our date night. We went to the Olive Garden and found that if you sit at the bar you don't have to wait, which is totally a perk if you are starving! We always end up sharing our food with each other, it's just a habit for us now. For some strange reason we were having a total blast (Like first date kind of fun). We just kept joking around and laughing the whole time. Our waiter got a kick out of us and gave us 2 huge handfuls of those little mints!
We went to target after dinner and Chad was totally at home in the toy section. He is so cute he kept picking out stuff to buy the girls for "Valentine's Day". I love how he just always wants to please his family and how he is so thoughtful! I feel so lucky to be in love with my BEST friend! I Love You Babe!