Monday, May 25, 2009

Picture Day!

I just love pictures! These turned out pretty cute, despite the fact they did not want their picture taken!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Kindergarten Potty

Our kids are just itty-bitty so we have a constant struggle trying to find solutions to help them. For example, when Taylor was potty training it was hard to get her on the bigger potty and the little training toilets are so gross to constantly clean them out. So... We got this ingenious idea from Nursery and Kindergarten, they have the most adorable real miniature toilet and we wanted one for our house. I looked on the Internet and found one that could be delivered in 2 days and ordered it and this is peek at what it looks like...

Taylor Maylie is 3 and 5!!!

We have been trying to tell Tay that she is three but of course, Taylor, being emma's shadow, wants to be just like her (including her age). So if you ask her how old she is don't be surprised to hear her say 5. So for her birthday she started planning it back in December and has been helping me shop for the decorations and supplies. We decided on doing a Luau (since it's summer and she is partly Hawaiian), with the Limbo, Palm trees, Tiki cups, grass skirts, and of course Leis! We had all of Tay's favorite foods, Hot Dogs, Princess Juice, Donuts, Cake, and Chips. She just couldn't wait to get her party started! Her buddies all arrived and dove into the fun! It was a very LONG birthday party! As it came time to say goodbye to our guests I couldn't rip her away from all the new toys! The party was over and we were on our way home and I asked Tay what she thought of the party and she said "Momma it was the awesomest ever ". Tay-Tay is so funny!