Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What a week!

To spare you any useless repetitive details, each note contained a similar beginning: 
"On the second day of Happy 30th Birthday you will get from me
read below to see what it will be..." and each day it would change to the third, then the fourth and so on, I also had each note printed in different color fonts and font types each day and I highlighted the number "30" in the above quotations and then below each poem was a little goofy phrase that correlated with the gift and the number 30 which was also highlighted on the bottom
I posted the pictures of the first day of birthday on my last post so here some are the rest...

Day 2
I gave him 30 of his favorite flavor (cherry) in a bag, but by the next morning when I remembered to take a picture there was only 1 left!

I really love how you are so jolly
Even though Christmas is over and we put away the holly
You never have a frown
even when you’re down
I think its so sweet
that you deserve this treat...

Day 3
This movie just came out on this day so I got it right away.

You know that you’re the best
so I am putting you to the test
see if you can guess what movie I have for you
here is one clue

Day 4
I gave him a small crock pot just for dip and all the fixings and then invited some friends over to surprise him and watch the game.

You may not like Cheetos,
but we know you like Fritos
As long as they have chili and cheese too
this is going to be a fun night for you
with your favorite team the Utah Jazz
we will all watch the game and act like a spaz!

Day 5
 I gave him dinner and movie certificates to this food and a flick night. 
Since my plans for golfing won’t work
because you went without me like a jerk
I came up with a new choice
but it’s going to make you use your voice
We are going out on a date
So get ready and don’t be late
It’s a dinner and a movie
now doesn’t that sound groovy?!!

Be ready to go at 6:30

 Day 6
Chad was the auctioneer for a benefit auction for battered women and I bought this there for him.

In an effort to try something new
I have this gift certificate for you
I know you don’t like sushi
or anything really mushy
but why not give it a shot
just give it all you’ve got

 Day 7
I know you are into learning about history
so this shouldn’t be such a mystery
Inside this bag you may find
a better way to unwind
I hope you enjoy this book
go ahead take a look...
Day 8
We live in sunny St. George, but we still get cold weather
Not so cold you’d need a sweater made of down feather
Lucky for you I found a lighter one
I went shopping all over to find it but I really had fun
Now open it up and try it on
If it doesn’t fit just give it to Jon
Day 9
So yesterday you got a sweater
today I got you something better
You look so handsome in these
Now open it up and try it on please

Day 10
I got him another iPhone because he dropped his and shattered his screen.

Be careful with is this one
even if they are really fun
you know these aren’t free
and this is number three
Day 11
With brand new couches in the man cave
This accessory will be your new fav.
considering you fall asleep up there
getting you a new one of these is only fair

Day 12 
This next gift is black
open it now, and don’t give me smack
It may be a little plain for you
but hopefully you will like it too!

Day 13
Just in case you didn’t like yesterdays sweater
when you open this one maybe it’ll be better
Now I don’t want to ever hear you say
I have nothing nice to wear everyday!
Day 14

Mondays are not fun days
but they can be in these ways
A little treat might sweeten your mood
chocolate is a healthy food!

His bigger gifts are coming soon!!!!! I am so excited for him to get them! Stay tuned, next week I will post the pics!

Easily Distracted...

We stopped on our way our to the car to look at this cute little baby bird that was on the sidewalk. When the kids came closer it ran under the bush. They wanted me to get a picture of it but you can't see it here. All you can see is all these kids crouched down and making noises to lure it back out towards them. I think I got a good picture considering it's my kids I want to remember not the birdy!

My life is so hilarious thanks to Chase...

What little boy loves cars so much he will sit and "read" the owners manual to a truck just to see pictures of it?
He would point and say "Dadda truck, Dadda Truck tire, Dadda Truck door...."
Here he is playing puppy...
Looking out the window for his Daddy to come home...
Sad I told him Daddy won't be home until later...
Happy when I said he can have a puppy cookie and some "coco"
(that's code for chocolate instant breakfast)...
Here he is watching that cute show Bubble Guppies with his coco clutched under his arm
(ignore the fact that he is using his sister's pink sippy cup). I love to watch this kid all the time he just does the cutest things and I am so happy that I am his Mommy!

Best Saturday Yet!
It all started with me getting my hair appt. scheduled...I thought having lots of fun plans every weekend was the only way to enjoy it, but I was wrong. This weekend we did NOTHING! We stayed home and didn't do anything too special. It was great! First thing I did was make some yummy brownies...
I love the way they make my house smell!

Meanwhile, the kids were ALL playing together so nice OUTSIDE. Where else can you enjoy great weather outside with no coats on in the middle of winter? I love it here in St. George!
They were so funny to hear them playing horses. They of course needed a picnic outside to feed the horses and the horse caretakers. Then they had to create a house for them outside with rocks, sticks, and grass. Then they needed a nap.
Dad was so sweet to go do a little yard work and play with them outside while I tended to the brownies!

Then dad went paintballing with the neighbors while Chase napped. Emma and Taylor had a friend come over for a bit too.
They watched a movie and had popcorn with their Barbie's...
I got some deep cleaning done... It was so nice to be at home relaxing! For dinner I didn't want to make a mess so we went out to get pizza and play at Jumpin' Jacks to wear the kiddos out. It was a really great weekend!

Points Chart:
This picture is not very clear but we started a great reward system at our house. I have these charts that track their good and bad behavior for a week and at the end of the week they can cash them in for money or prizes. For example they get 4 points for doing homework, 2 points for picking up toys, 2 points for brushing their teeth, etc. Then they also get deducted points if they do something wrong like -5 Points for arguing with parents, -2 points for leaving a mess, -3 points for arguing with siblings, etc. Then you add up the points and deduct the negative ones. Emma ended up with 51 points and Taylor ended up with 56 points. They wanted cash instead of a prize so Emma got $5.10 and Taylor got $5.60 (we pay .10 a point). The crazy thing about this chart is that if we threaten to take off points they freak out more than if we threaten time out! I would have to say I have enjoy the past few weeks of great behavior from my kids. If you are struggling with your kids, just try this approach, we love it!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

January 2011 so far...

Wow I did it, I got caught up! I never thought it would ever happen! I mean it took me like 3 weeks to finish it! I feel such a sense of blogging accomplishment! Moving on...

This month has been awfully nice to enjoy a less busy time of year finally! I thought I was going to go insane from all our crazy projects and activities we were doing!

Weekend in Vegas

 We decided after such a busy holiday season we needed a break just the two of us. My mom was kind enough to watch our little monsters so we could go and enjoy ourselves. Chad was all excited because I had been sick for the 2 days leading up to our trip and I was finally feeling good enough to go. He came home right as we were about to leave with a fun surprise...A white Bentley! It was gorgeous!
 Here we are headed out on our way to Vegas...
 It was so relaxing!

 Chad drove the whole way there and back! Funny thing is though, we got there and never took a single was that good! ha ha I will give you the break down of what we did there though...First when we go into town we went to dinner at P.F. Chengs (we love the lettuce wraps!), then we checked into our hotel and walked around the strip for a bit before heading to bed...The next day we got tickets to see Chris Angel's show (I was going to take pictures there but they wouldn't allow it), it was amazing! Then we headed to dinner in our hotel at Tender was really good! We headed back to our room afterwards. Then the next day we got breakfast at non other than Winchells! 1 dozen donuts please! mmmmm It was a fun little trip together! I'm glad we got to do it! :D

 It was my turn for carpool this week and so Emma wanted to take the kids in the Bentley...
 Emma was a little over excited! All our kids were obsessed with "Bentley rides"...I'm happy to say it is now gone...I wonder what he will bring home next...

 So our church has changed from 9:00 am to 11:30 am and this is what you get when you miss with a child's nap-time!

I can do curly too
 I get a hard time from Emma about my hair. She says "Why is your hair always straight mom? Doesn't that get boring? You do my hair different every day why don't at least curl it sometimes?" So here Emma this is for you...Proof that I can do other hair-do's! But hey, straight works for me, why mess with a good thing?!!
 Movie Time

 I have to be super busy to let my kids watch t.v. I am just not a fan of it. So whenever I let them watch a movie they get so excited! So while Emma was at school and Chase was napping, I got Taylor all set up for movie time! I got her snuggled in a warm soft blanket, kettle corn, a chocolate milk sippy, and Toy Story 3! She loved it! Better yet, I got all my laundry folded in peace and quite!

 30 days of birthday
 One of my friends had this great idea for her husband's 31st birthday she did a gift for 31 days leading up until his birthday. They were very creative and fun. So when it came time for Chad to turn 30 I wanted to make him feel special and so I started on January 11th. I gave him a poem and a present...
He got this first poem to tell him what I was doing and the poem went like this...
I want you to feel loved in every way
So each day until you’re birthday
You will receive a gift from me
I’m sure you’ll try to guess what it may be
Some may be fun
And others will be dumb
But by the end of all this
I will have earned a great big kiss!
So lets begin this Birthday fun
Looks like it’s day #1.....

then he got the poem for day one which read...
(no laughing, I am not good at writing poems..)
On the first day of Happy 30th Birthday you will get from me
read below to see what it might be...

We love to have fun
once your work is done
but sometimes you hurt your back
bad enough to need an ice pack
that’s why we want to give you a

30 minute massage...Enjoy!

 He really seemed to like it! I will post more of the fun ones as the month goes on...

Snow Day

What's this? Our last Christmas wish came true? Could it really be snow in St. George? Why yes, it is! Better run out and play in it while it lasts! The kids were so excited and got ready in their snow clothes right away!
First things first, snow angels!!
 Taylor made sure to grab a handful and shove it in her mouth!
 If you look really close you can see a mini snow-woman...with one eye?!!

 Emma tried to throw a snowball at me so I retreated back inside the warm house! Of course after they were finished a bubble bath and hot chocolate was required!

Party Saturday!
 We had quite the busy Saturday! We went to a Primary Activity (which Taylor said "It was awesome, they had yummy cupcakes and candies and they showed us a movie about Jesus, I loved it!") then to a birthday party across the street at Taylor and Emma's friend Olivia's house ( they had a princess Tea Party complete with little crust-less sandwiches and pink tea!) and then we went to their friend Ellie's house for a Hello Kitty party!
 The girls were dressed from head to toe in Hello Kitty...Hello Kitty shirts and skirts, Hello Kitty bows, even Hello Kitty shoes! When we got to the party the whole place was decked out in Homemade Hello Kitty decor! Ellie's mom, Summer is great at that!
 Notice Taylor's Blue lips...that kid gets straight into her candy! That blue ring pop stained her mouth blue the whole day! At least they had fun!
Emma insisted that we take a picture of her with their cat before we left!

That's it for this week! Wow a one week post is a breeze compared to my last year long one! Here is hoping I can keep up!