Sunday, October 4, 2009

Live it up!

Happy Birthday Travis!
Happy Birthday President Hansen!
Ya we got all 50 to light on the cake!
The Hansen Family Clan
Daddy hanging with Chasers
Taylor the pirate?
Happy Birthday Jordyn! Girls attack the Candy!
I am so excited did I win?
Very very carefully girls!
6 Cakes, 40 cups of Frosting and 7 hours later Tadaaaa!
We definitely qualify for Cake Boss!
And just in case you are wondering it is not
an armadillo, it is a disco ball.
Chelsea, my girl what a night! We rock!

Was the majority of people born in the fall or something? We have been at a Birthday bash about every 6 days in the past month. With Chase's coming and then Halloween, Thanksgiving, Emma's B-day, Christmas... and so on, is it ever going to slow down? I can clearly tell the answer will be NO! The crazy thing is I think we are okay with that. We love having fun parties to go to and holidays to decorate for. If it wasn't for those ever so frequent events we would be plagued with a very monotonous life. I mean the kids enjoy eating sweets to their hearts content and the shopping and crafts that go hand in hand with such fun holidays and events. I have learned a truly wonderful lesson through this busy time, and that is to enjoy where I am and what I am doing NOW. Because one day I will want to go back to the days with little fingerprints all over my glass and play-doh in my carpet just to love on my babies again, and guess what I won't be able to. My new theory live it up & make great memories because the cost, mess, & exhaustion is totally worth it!