Monday, June 29, 2009

June has been CRAZY!

Between boating and getting a new camper, my best friend Libby visiting and my little brother Mike, traveling to Idaho, Blake's baby blessing, going to Texas, etc. we have been out having too much fun to blog all of these events so here is a slideshow instead at least the pics I managed to get during the chaos! Sigh, take a deep breath, and here comes July!


So we have a tradition up at our ranch in Challis, ID where our whole family (all 25 of us) come and compete against each other in many different races.

The team names change each year like one year we had the team Fire Breathing Scorpions and the next year we had team POOF... NO eyebrows( lol, its a long story). We compete in races where we do things like; River floating, Puzzle Finding, Torch Lighting, Rope Pulleys, Survivor Guess Who, and many others! The prizes are always fair and everyone has a blast participating in these races.

My favorite Game is the Survivor Guess Who. The way it works is a question is asked and the team members write down their answer on their clipboards and after 15 seconds we all reveal our guesses. Correct answers obviously gain your team a point and incorrect answers don't count but are funny to read. Sometimes there were 2 possible answers so it was funny when we revealed. The questions always started with This survivor... and so the answer was always a name of someone in our family. I liked it when a question was asked and the answer (LEXI) was wrong about her own question. Emma's question was funny it was "This survivor is famously known for saying "that scared me out of my crap!"" We all laughed, especially Emma!

We are such a close-knit little family it is such a blast when we are together. No matter how long we are at the ranch it is never long enough! We like to joke about buying a large compound and all of us moving on it and living together. We just can't seem to get enough of each other!