Sunday, November 16, 2008

Chase- the Baby Model

Chad, Me, and Chase went and had these neat pictures taken, and Robyn they are AWESOME! These captivate what an amazingly perfect and sweet baby Chase is! I just love these pics because.... In pictures babies stay babies forever!

Tender Lovin'

All of our Kids!

My Cuddle Bear

Watch out Dad!.... Mom has a new man in her life!

Mommy's little Angel

Our Precious Little Boy

Sleepy "Bubee"

I love this picture he looks especially sweet and innocent! What a special gift from Heaven!

A new Kitty

We have now had like 4 cats since we have been married and sadly we had 2 in the past 6 months, but they ended up being dinner to the coyotes in the backyard! I guess we shouldn't have put a collar with a bell on them it was basically a dinner bell for the coyotes! I can tell this time "Smokee" will be different! I can see her staying around for at least 2 weeks! j/k..... Emma was so excited when we saw her I just couldn't say no, so here we go again with the cat thing! Wish us luck :)

Rarrrr.... My name is Smokee! Watch out or I will attack you with my itty bitty kitty paws!

Taylie really loves to play with Smokee, if only she could keep up with her- she is quick!

Emma loves cameras and was taking this pic. She had as posed making super silly faces!

Tay is being real careful and is giving SOFT pets! Good job girlie!

Emma on the other hand, could possibly choke her to death. She really does love her to death!

Now she is being softer, what a sweet fluff ball!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Greece Was AWESOME

This April I got to go on another girls trip! We chose to go to Greece and tour the islands and my family said "don't get pregnant this time!" Well guess what, the week after the trip was finalized..... I found out I was pregnant! So I had to deal with being 3 months prego on this trip!- But it was so much fun I wouldn't miss out on these trips ever (pregnant or not)!

This was the fancy dinner night-ooh la la! But only me and Linda went because Robyn lost her wedding ring and Ericka stayed to console her- I guess we just wanted to PARTY! So we got dolled up and off we went!

On this night everyone had to wear Blue and White for Greece!
(but we wore it for BYU!)

We had to hurry and take this pic. because there were BEES after us!!

This was taken at the ancient abodes in Ephesus (my favorite part of the trip) where the Apostle Paul used the potty!

This was the first island we visited after leaving Athens its called Mycanos. Also, right before we took this picture we had an appetizer of 4 JUMBO shrimp, but turns out they were totally disgusting so the stray cat there got a meal worth 100 euros! (he was a cute kitty- he deserved it!)

K this was a totally funny moment because the person taking this picture was a guy with a group of Chinese tourists that were in love with us "white ladies". He first wanted a picture with me and then he saw that there were more girls with me and so Ericka had to take a picture with him. Then some of his friends wanted pictures too, it was like we were celebrities. Robyn was laughing at us too and she took pictures of us with these guys. Hello the whole reason for the pictures was supposed to be this magnificent ancient structure, the Acropolis (which means the highest point of the city)!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Our New Family!

"Grandma-Great" had to go back to SLC today and so we went and visited her before she left. We took a bunch of pictures together and realized that we haven't taken a picture of our family with new little bro. in it. Pictures are hard to get right, Taylor had candy she was chewing in this pic. and Emma wouldn't put her jacket on, but hey they were smiling that's all I can ask for from 2 toddlers! This isn't the best one by any means but it is a start!

My handsome little man

Chase is getting so big he already weighs 6 lbs. He has the cutest dimples and is such a happy baby. He smiles all the time, it's never hard to catch him. We love our little guy!

A Horse Halloween!

Emma wanted to be a unicorn for Halloween and knowing how much Tay loves her sister, it only made sense that she wanted to be a horse too! Holidays are getting so much more fun the older they get! We went trick-or-treating on Painted Hills and scored some huge candy bars! We were only out for like an hour and the girls got their bags FULL of candy, I guess that's where I step in and help with the awful task of eating the candy! te he he he (that's my evil witch cackle, because that's what I was for Halloween, it was only fitting:)!

The Pumpkin Patch

For Emma's preschool, they had a Field trip to the Stahli's pumpkin patch. Chase was only a few days old so Chad took the girls and they had a blast. There were horses and a corn slide a fun train ride and a hay ride!

All Our Kids!

The sisters sure love their little bro. Tay is so funny she said to us "oh my goth, he ith tho cute! I juth lub baby Chathe!" We are so happy to finally have Chase here!

The Whole Petersen Family...well most of them

It's not that often that G-ma & G-pa Petersen come to visit from Mesquite so we had to take this photo opp. It was a really fun day, we had a yummy french toast and cantaloupe breakfast. The kids all played together while us adults caught up on our many life adventures!

Hunting in Argentina

I am not sure if I hated it more that Chad was gone for 5 days or that I didn't go with! I guess that's not fair because I was just gone for 2 weeks in Greece without him 2 months before this trip. It was really good for him to have some fun "male bonding" time as father and son. They shot about 150 Geese/day! He seemed to really enjoy himself and I just love to see Chad happy!

The Fourth of July

Our family is more a fan of the small town atmosphere when it comes to holiday celebrations like Independence Day. That's why this year we chose to go to Challis, Idaho (A.K.A. the Ranch) with Jon and the kids and g-ma & g-pa pete. The kids just loved it! It was so relaxing and fun to be so up close to all the action! Okay, okay it's really because we have been dying to use our huge stash of illegal fireworks, but hey it made for a kick-butt show!

The Sound of Music with Chad?

So I turned 23, and for my birthday I was totally surprised when Chad gave me a card and inside were tickets to The Sound of Music. I thought there is no way he would like that sort of thing and he probably would fall asleep or want to leave early. We went to a romantic little dinner at Scaldoni's (which by the way has the best tomato bisque soup ever!) and then got frozen Raspberry Lemonades at Tuachan before the show. It turned out it was one of the most fun nights we have had together in a long time. I guess Chad knew what he was doing! He is so sweet to put so much effort into making me happy! I just love him for that!

Bra shopping

I finally had to go get a bigger bra and so I decided to bring along Emma. I thought she probably would get pretty bored with it, so I was hurrying to try everything on. Just as I am about finished I turn around to see Emma mocking me! It was so hilarious I had to grab my camera and take a pic of her! It was a pretty fun day just Mom and Emma. Leave it to Emma to be Goofy!:)

Taylie Maylie's 1st "fithee"

This is Tay's eew face, she didn't really want to touch the fish either, but she sure was proud!

Emma's First FISH!

She was so excited but a little grossed out by how slimey and wiggly the fish were.


We had the opportunity over the summer to go up to the Petersen Ranch. While we were there Emma and Taylie Maylie got to go with Grandpa Pete fishing for the first time! Emma caught almost a dozen fish just by herself. Although, Emma (being the animal lover she is) hated the fact that the fish went back into the lake because she of course wanted to bring them all home with her. I was so surprised to see how patiently and quietly my girl would sit and wait there for each fish. The girls were so sweet to each other up there. They constantly ask when we get to go back to the Ranch. It sure was FUN!

Friday, November 7, 2008

New Baby Chase

What a stud mini-muffin! Chase Tyler Petersen was born on October 20th, 2008. He was 18 1/2 inches long and weighed in at 5lbs. 2ozs(another little Petersen morsel)! He is the sweetest little boy ever. The sisters love their brother(sometimes maybe a little too much)! We couldn't be happier!

Emma The Horse!

If there was such thing as reincarnation Emma would most definitely be a horse. Horses are all she thinks about. She just loves them to pieces!