Monday, September 28, 2009

What don't we do?

Emma feels the need to do a hide-and-seek session before bedtime!

We do make sure Mom goes out on her Girls Nights because they are a must!

Taylor likes to do fun crafts with her girlfriends when they come over to play!

We do want our family to be aware of our progress on our award charts!

We do look to find silly situations to take pictures in!

Apparently, we do ride bikes inside!

We do enjoy having great friends over for fun play-dates!

We do go to Grandma's for fun family nights where we eat, swim, and relax!

We do go to Birthday Parties (sometimes every week)!

I guess the only thing we don't do is lead a boring life! And we like it that way! :)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

We haven't disappeared

I know our posts used to be weekly but you'd be amazed at what we have had to do lately...(p.s. it might be easier to look at the photos from bottom to top to understand my backwards post sorry I hope to have better luck next time!)

Emma just started Kindergarten which is great for her... but sad for me! My little buddy gone for 2 hours a day! :( I am excited to get more done with her gone but really she is such a help that I think I need her.

Taylor is just starting Preschool at Superstar preschool with Miss Debbie where Emma went last year. She seems really excited to go but I want to be with her too helping out in her class. The only problem is I can't be in 2 places at once because they both are at school at the same time. Except for Taylor only goes on Tues. and Thurs.

These are their first day of school pics. Emma wanted to wear "high-heels and a skirt", and Taylor was asked to dress up as her favorite zoo animal which is a Giraffe. Emma got a little carried away with this photo shoot!

Emma has found some great friends in school already. As you can see she has tuns of energy and is loving "Kindygardin"!

We helped out with the YM/YW boating activity this year. I guess any excuse we can get to go to the lake we'll be there. It was really fun because it was a little overcast so it wasn't too sunny. It was crazy though because we got off the lake and headed home and right a we got in our garage it started raining! Talk about good timing!!!

I was putting the girls to bed the other night and I walk in to see them playing tickle war with daddy! It was funny to watch them scream and laugh! I love that Chad likes to play so much with the kids.

My friend Alissa did a really fun BBQ today at her house. The Girls loved playing with all the friends and the fun slide. I guess Chase loves soda pop now? silly boy! We got a cute pic of all of us girls! I can't wait till GIRLS NIGHT OUT on Thursday!