Thursday, November 3, 2011

This post contains some BLOOD and gory hunting scenes, viewer discretion advised! Also this is by no means a short post (over 180 photos) so be prepared to read for a while!

Chad's Hunting Trip in Missouri

 Every few years Chad gets the opportunity to go on a BIG hunt with his Dad for a week to a private ranch in Missouri.  It is over 6000 acres and they breed many various types of record-breaking beautiful and exotic animals. Chad decided on hunting a Red Stag this trip. The picture above is his Dad with his elk that scored 446 on a B and C! He is HUGE!
 Here is Chad's Red Stag that scored a 331 on a B and C!
  A nice group picture of the guys
 Chad shaking Jay's hand (he is Gary and Chad's good friend and he owns the ranch).
 Here is the cozy rooms they stayed in.
 This is a great picture of all the animals from their group's hunt. 
(This is where the blood comes into play...)
Chad and his Elk.
 Gary and his Elk.
 The whole group in front of their catches. Chad sure enjoyed himself on his vacation but we were ready to have him home again!

 Emma's Surprise!
 We are so lucky to live next to some really great friends! The Campbell's have been such thoughtful and giving people! Joel is very talented with building unique things from scratch. Emma saw him working one day and asked him how much it would cost for him to make her a gymnastics balance beam. He told her he could do it for $3! 
 To her delight she had enough saved to have him make her one. Before she got the chance to pay him, he had already made her one. He brought it over and surprised her with this early birthday present. 
Needless to say, she was ecstatic! 
Thanks Joel for making it for her and Kally for letting him spend his Saturday on a project for my child!  

We love the Mail! 
 My kids are always so eager to go and get the mail, especially if packages are in it and it's even better when they are for them! We got through the summer with our swimsuits just fine, but as Bri was starting swimming lessons at Sandhollow we realized the ones we had were pretty worn. So we ordered a few  and they actually came quickly in about 3 days of when we placed the order.
 Here she is getting ready to open it...
 She especially liked that I let her cut it open because I am usually always the one that opens them.
 Here they are!
They fit really cute and are so colorful! 
 She wanted to show how it ties in the back 
 Super excited- Good thing that day was swimming lessons too because she wanted to wear it all day!
 This is what usually happens during swimming, Chad chases Chase up and down the hallway while Emma and I watch Bri swim.

It's Party Time- Chase is 3!
Chase's Monster Truck Invite.

 Because I can't use spray paint while pregnant, Chad was sweet enough to make 16 costumes for Chase's birthday party. At first I said just do them all red with black wheels and that should be fine. Luckily he went off on a creative spin and made some really cool designs!
Some were faded with bubbles, and others had flecks of different paint all over. We were excited for all the kids to see them! (Look how covered his feet were in paint! LOL)
The first boys to arrive at the party... 
This is the 2 tables we had set up for the kids covered in paper so they could draw while they waited for their lunch to be served.
A nice shot of most of the "Truck" costumes 
 The refreshment table...
I made cute labels that said various things like "DONUT" forget fresh tires and Refuel before you "CRUSH"...
 The gift sacks basket. 
We started off giving each kid a tattoo while we waited for all the guests to arrive. 
Chase-man picked a cool yellow Monster truck  
We also had a Cars rug to race the Monster Trucks on while we waited for a turn to get a tattoo. 
The cake before demolition.
After tattoos we let the kids ride on the bikes and toys or draw at the tables. 
 Chase lovin' on Grandma Pete a little too much!
That's better! 
 Uh-oh someone is in HIS firetruck! He is still learning how to share, it's tough when you're 3 and you never have had to share much with your 2 sisters!

 There was some serious cruising going on!
 Our cute neighbor, Troy.
 Chad showed up in this HUGE truck and everyone came outside when he honked his loud horn! The kids decided it was best to watch the truck from a safe distance on the front porch rather than up close.
 The cute girls getting ready for PIZZA!

Some of the boys broke out the crayons and started to draw. 

The traditional "3" yr old Pepperoni pizza we order for most birthday parties. (Note my shirt with the baby girl skeleton, this was my costume and I wanted to wear it just in case I didn't make it to Halloween)
 Little Artists.
Good thing their were so many adults there ready to help me! 
 Chad explaining his injured arm for the ump-teenth time!
 Eating Lunch...
 Although Chase preferred playing over eating...
 Wow Braylin, what a ladies man!
 Chad and Linda watching Chase's DVD I made for him. It was only 15 minutes long but watching it makes me see how quickly time flies and that Chase is not a baby anymore. That feeling is very bittersweet to me. 
 Blow out your candles bud! He had to have one #3 and one candle that sang lol!
 He was very proud of his blowing-out the candles skills.
It was a Costco cake so of course it was delicious too! 
 Pinata time!
Chad devised a plan to hold the pinata high above the kids since it was just a pull-string kind. 
Chase got to go first but he just didn't have enough strength
 So Emma helped him...
 And then the candy went everywhere! If only messes were this fun to clean-up! They had that candy all picked up within 2 minutes!
Present time!
 Chase got each of the girls an American Girl kitty with a book and they were so surprised to be getting a gift from him that they just gave him a huge hug!
 He loved opening presents so I am excited for Christmas this year, our 3 kids are going to have a blast!
 He was a little rusty at first but then he got the hang of it and he went to town on his tower of gifts!
 He loved every single one!
 See, just look at his face! LOL
Next we had each kid got pick out the "Monster Truck" they wanted to be.  
 Emma picked the girly rainbow version.
Cabriotti picked a cute faded one.
Then they were off in their costumes driving all over our backyard! AHHHH!  
 They liked the "Chase the Grandma Game" a lot!
 That party I would have to call a success when I find Chase with this perma-grin smile! I swear my intentions was just to do a small and simple cake and pinata party, but apparently I need lessons on how to down-size these extravagant events! Is there a support group out there for OCD party-palnning Moms like me? If so, I need to join one! ha ha ha

Halloween Party
 Any excuse we can find to dress up in costumes more than just for Halloween we are more than happy to attend! My cute friend Chelsea threw a fun little party where the kids decorated sugar cookies and did some fun games. My kids had a blast! Plus I enjoyed catching up with friends and old neighbors too!

The Pumpkin Patch!
 My friend Kally invited us to go to this cute little pumpkin patch with her family. It was super close to our house because it was only in Santa Clara, it kind of reminded me of Staheli farms but a lot easier to get to and less crowded. They had so many fun things like a boutique with Home decor, baked goods, horse rides, tractor rides, 4X4 rides, Hay rides, games, a petting zoo, pumpkin patch, and even yummy dinners!
 Chad was in charge of the kids that day while we were gone to the What Women Want Expo and so Chase only wanted him to do everything for him!
 Emma instantly wanted to ride a horse.
She was so happy there that I bet if I let her come every day she would! 
 Bri liked them too and it was cute watching them ride the horses! It started to get dark so we hurried and ate dinner and picked out our pumpkins. We are definitely going back next year!

Fun With the Kids! 
 I have been trying to focus on fun things to do with my kids while Chad was hunting so I have been taking them out to eat and teaching them more about manners while I am at it. On this day we just stopped in to Pretzelmaker at the mall to get a quick snack but they all were very well-behaved and stayed in their seats the whole time.

The next day we went to the Bear Paw for breakfast! Yummy! 

Red Robin for lunch. Waiting patiently for their food.

They all picked out balloons after because they were being so good!

Finally...The Little Mermaid! 
After going to the Little Mermaid and having it cancel due to rain, my girls were so excited when Grandma Pete told them she finally got them more tickets. We made sure to dress up in all sorts of Mermaid paraphernalia. The girls were so happy when they got home from the show they said it was their favorite show so far up at Tuachan! Thanks Grandma Pete!

34 weeks!
We are getting close to the end and I thought I would throw in some pictures of how my pregnancy has progressed. 
All I have to say is that I can't wait until I can wear all my clothes again! 
As you may have heard I have become an OCD nester! This would be just one of the many things I felt had to be done before this baby gets here. I wanted some cute burp cloths but I couldn't find them anywhere so I decided to make some of my own. This one above is the first version, I got better with each one... 
 the second...
The third I liked best it had just a perfect amount of minky fabric! 
 Here are all 3 I made and for not being much of a seamstress I think they turned out pretty good!
After I finished these we all went to bed and in the morning when we got up to get ready for church something happened...
I went into labor!
I was really worried because she would be 6 weeks early and most likely another NICU baby! So I hurried and went to the hospital...
When I got there I found out my contractions were 3-5 minutes apart. Labor seemed to progress fairly quickly and within a few short hours I was dilated to a 4! They moved me into Labor and Delivery. I then told Chad I wanted a blessing but all our male family members were out of town at the time so we called around and finally were able to get a hold our bishop who came straight down. Right before the bishop arrived the doctor came in and said once I get to a 5 he will break my water and we will probably have this baby in the next 2 hours. Our bishop came and they gave me a blessing and literally 15 minutes later my contractions went from 1-2 minutes apart back to 3-5 minutes apart and within 1 hour they were completely gone! I remember asking my nurse if the contractions stayed this way if I could go home and she looked at me and laughed! After a visit with the NICU nurse that said we were looking at 2-3 weeks in the NICU I was so elated when the contractions slowed down and stopped! We are so blessed that things went so well! I have no doubt we were being watched after! 
my distraction...the tv
Chad's lovely bed... 
 We spent the night in the hospital being monitored and then in the morning after a call from my doctor my nurse came in and told me the best news ever, that I could go home. I would have to be on bed rest but I didn't mind so much. Bed rest is a million times better than a NICU baby!
 I will have to admit that the only thing I will miss from staying in the hospital is the food being delivered right to me and it wasn't all that bad! I was more than happy to head home though so after this quick lunch we gathered everything up and headed home!

 Lucky Girl!
 You are looking at a face of a VERY happy Emma. I ordered a costume for Halloween for her online and after a week she decided she did not want to be that anymore and asked me to make her a costume like her friend Sydnee's Mom is making her and I told her "no problem I can do it". This was of course the night before the hospital when I was sewing the burp cloths. Seeing how Halloween was only a week away and I was now on bed rest I told her that I couldn't do it anymore. Then Sydnee's sweet Mom Mindy called and asked if she could make Emma a costume to match Sydnee. I can't describe the amount of gratitude I now have for such sweet people in our lives who have especially taken time out of their busy lives to help our family! We have had given to us yummy dinners, movies, books, and all sorts of treats to keep me entertained, and hours upon hours of babysitting! I feel so lucky to know such thoughtful people like Mindy and I am so thankful she was able to make Emma her costume she really wanted.
 Emma really had no idea and they brought the costume over as a surprise Thursday night so she could wear it to school the next day! It was awesome! Thank you again MINDY!
 Here are the girls before going to school for their Halloween parties. I am the Room Mom for both my girls classes and I had to miss out on their parties I planned and just stay in bed. I was so bummed but my cute Mom was able to go and fill in my place and host both parties for me at school. I have no doubt they went great and I know staying in bed was the best thing to do. Thanks MOM!

Halloween Sunday
 I decided to dress the kids in orange and black on sunday for fun to celebrate Halloween. 
I did their hair in a spider web pattern and added fun ribbons and a plastic spider too! 
 Emma was so excited to wear her "glitzy boots" to church!
I take pictures of their hair-do's when I get creative because I put them in a big photo album for them to choose from when they want to pick their hair-do each day. So that is why there are so many pictures taken at different angles.
You can see that with each picture Emma gets more and more impatient! 
 That's okay because Chase was dying to get his turn in the limelight! 
 After each picture he would turn from front, to left, to back, and to the right, just like the girls do. He is very observant! (Note the wet spots on his shirt, I should have waited until the wrinkle Release dried before taking these pictures! ha ha oh well!)
 It is definitely time for a hair cut ha ha!

Fun Play Dates! 
 While I have been stuck in bed my kids have been going over to my friend Kally's house after school and playing until Chad gets home. This has been so helpful for me staying on bed rest and I am so thankful for her being willing to babysit my munchkins! Thank you Kally you are AWESOME!

Pumpkin Carving
 We usually take carving pumpkins fairly serious each year but with just Chad left to manage all the pumpkins we let the kids do whatever they wanted to their pumpkins. Cabriotti actually had Daddy help her make this cool skull and cross bones pumpkin.
 Emma made her own patterns and did the traditional Jack-o-lantern on one and a Musketeer hat on the other one because she was going to be a Musketeer for Halloween. I was very surprised by how well she did all by herself!
 Chase was more than happy ignoring the fun and just wanted to play. That was okay by us considering his pumpkin had some kind of sticky goo oozing out of it! Maybe we bought our pumpkins too soon this year.
 And he is off! (In the pink VW too ha ha!)

 Cabriotti as Rapunzel! So pretty!
 Emma as a Barbie Musketeer! Oh la la!
 They were so cute and eager to go trick-or-treating!
Chase was a Cars 2 Pit-crew guy! Anything having to do with cars as a costume was fine by him!
 I got a bit of cabin fever and came outside for a few minutes and this was my lame but funny attempt at a costume, A x-ray Maternity shirt that shows it's a girl with the hot pink bow ha ha! (I am also 36 weeks here and I am happy she is still not here yet!) 

 Family Movie Night
 We try to do a fun family movie night once a week and the kids LOVE it! So we hurried and gave them a bath.
 We got them in pajamas and ready on the couch...
Chad surprised them and had brought home Cars 2 since it came out that day! It was so fun to watch all together and everyone actually really liked it!

Hopefully my next post will include our new little princess! We hope to make it to next Friday so her birthday will be 11/11/11 and I will be at 37 weeks and 2 days (full term)! Wish us luck! Thank you for all the prayers and help you have given our family, we truly appreciate it!