Thursday, July 16, 2009

A gun? Yes that's right yall it was my 24th bday and I got a Remington 870 supermag ( that's a shotgun) ! Surprised? I certainly was, but how fun. I bet no one knew I like to shoot targets with chaddy boy. Really it's fun though and all the people we go with tell me I'm a good shot. Chad has a huge gun collection so here is the start to mine. Who wants to go shoot?

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bat-baby's Independence Day and the Brownie Adventure

We chose to go to Sandhollow for the 4th of July and spent a couple nights up there in our new camper. Which BTW if you have never camped in a camper and have only used tents, don't try it because you will never use a tent again once you get to shower every day and use a toilet not the cover of a bush. That is basically how our camper came to be we tried it, loved it, bought it. The kids seem to always fight over the whose turn it is to sleep on the top bunk, however come actual bedtime they never have actually slept up there. Also, I liked Sandhollow because Wal-mart was just a mile or so down the road so if, or I should say when we forgot something then off to the store we would go. We are planning on Zion's next camping trip.
After a few days of playing house in the desert, we decided to pack up and head back home to participate in all 4th of July festivities. Somehow I got my way and got to go shopping at the mall for a couple hours. We rented one of those double car things and got a bag full of quarters for the dinky gumball machines and rides there. We also were eyeing some disgustingly delicious desserts at Cornerstone, hence the oowee-goowie brownie pic. Then for some reason Chad was really interested in our shopping trip and decided to clothe himself in a new wardrobe from buckle. He did a pretty good job considering I always buy his clothes. It was an interesting way to spend the 4th at the mall but I look at it this way: $5 Car Rental Stroller, $20 worth of gumballs and rides, $25 in Cookies and Brownies, $$$ Shopping spree at Buckle, The cheesy grin on my husband and the brownie grins from my kids...PRICELESS!
Later we had pizza and set up our chairs on top of the Auction building where we watched the fireworks over the temple. We set off some of our own and there were some that crackled or like Tay says "popped like popcorn". So whenever the "popcorn" would go off Chase would get so startled, poor buddy. The girls kept asking Chad to light the snaps fireworks to see what they would do and of course they were amazed that nothing would happen because when you throw them they make a snap so surely they must make noise when lit on fire, right? LOL, I love my kids, the goofy little bunch that they are!
Then after a really late night of fireworks, comes early church. It actually turned out just fine because I have a color theme every week with my family on Sundays to help be ready for church more quickly. This week of course was an easy choice; red, white, and blue. I think Chad is okay with my obsessive nature as long as he only has to wear pink once month.

So why is it when you want to use your really nice expensive camera for a fun day the battery isn't charged? Well Plan B as you can see was to use the iphone but these pics are itty-bitty... oh well, better luck next year.