Thursday, September 29, 2011

And to think our adventures were finished...

 Let the Dancing begin!
We recently found a new dance studio for my girls to go to so they could learn point eventually and westside Studios is the only place that does that here.  They both still go on Tuesday but it works out nicely so I can go run errands during their classes.
 Chase gets to tag along with me and has been a real trooper!

Shopping Spree!
 Grandma Pete took our little ladies out shopping at the mall to let them pick out "a few things"....
 When they returned home it was very clear they had got just a wee bit more than "a few things", I guess that's what Grandma's are good at! It's so interesting to see the things kids want to buy verses adults, but it was obvious they had a blast so I was just glad they had fun. They also told me that the reason the giant .75 gumball machine at the mall didn't work was because it actually costs $1.50 (meaning they rip you off 1 out of 2 times!) ha ha dumb machine...and yes, they wasted spent the $1.50 it took to each get a gumball. Thanks for solving that mystery girls! ha ha

Mommy-Daughters date 
 Every month or so us girls head out to do some fun things and on this particular day we went to Nielsen's Frozen Custard because I have never taken my little ladies there.
 They thought it was so "cool"! LOL
 While we waited for our treats to come out I took some silly pictures taken of them...
In case you can't tell from these shots, they thoroughly enjoyed their ice cream! I had a great time just talking and joking with them and I think we all look forward to these fun dates together!  
We decided to go swimming after the ice cream and they were nice enough to invite Chase to come with too! It was a really fun day with the kids!  

The Ranch!!
 Just when we thought we were done vacationing, Chad and I spontaneously planned one last trip to the ranch. We invited some friends and family to come up there with us too.
 We made the essential stop to get ice cream in town!

 Chad was teaching Cabriotti how to shoot her gun safely.
 It was fun for me to watch them. 
Chase wanted in on the whole gun lessons too so he brought out his little toy shotgun to play along. 
Chad trying to look gnarly and tough! 
 I spent a lot of my time either cooking meals, cleaning, or reading. It was so peaceful and relaxing there, I just LOVE it!
We decided to take everyone out for pizza in town one night... 
but it took them a long time to get us our pizza so the kids resorted to doing things like this... 
 It was quite disappointing when we waited so long and it came out looking like this! I was upset because their pizza is usually great. We were really wishing there was a Dominos up there! Oh well, we survived!
We still went out bowling with everyone (except Chad because of his poor arm still) and I was surprised how well the kids did! 
We are definitely taking them more often with how much fun we all had!

 Transformers Bowling Party
 Cabriotti got invited by one of her preschool friends from last year to a Transformers bowling party. It was super cute how the teams had matching shirts. I guess she got to go bowling again sooner than I thought!
Chad also took her to and from the Transformers party in his Transformers Camaro which made it even more fun for her!

Grandma Hula and Uncle Mikey visit
 We went out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse with my family when they got into town.
 Chase kept flirting with these ladies in the table next to us and they just thought he was adorable. He even went and sat with them at one point for a few minutes.
Emma got to sit in between Uncle Mikey and Grandma... 
Cabriotti got a seat next to me! The girls actually did better separated this way. 
We had a great time out to dinner and it looks like we get to see Grandma Hula a lot more because she is moving down here in just a few short weeks! 
 Thanks Chad for the pose...looking good ha ha!

 I decided that I miss my friends so I wanted to start a fun group where we can get together and chat once a month. Bunco was the solution (thanks to my friend Valerie who gave me the idea)! I mean what's better than 12 of us playing a fun game to win prizes and eating root beer floats while chatting? In my opinion it was a blast and I can't wait until next month!
 Ladies of all ages and backgrounds were there and we all blended really well. 
 (I should wear more black because you really can't tell I'm 7 1/2 months pregnant here!) I couldn't stop laughing and giggling all night. It was so fun!

Lake Powell
We got lucky because my brother Chris and his wife Jackie invited us to Lake Powell to stay on their house boat for the week. It was sort of last minute but that's not abnormal for us because we like to be spontaneous! 
 The first day there we went out boating and surfing. My kids liked this covered cabin portion of the boat and were doing all sorts of tricks down there.
My brother Chris was rounding everyone up for the ride. 
 My SIL Jackie and nephew Blake (he is only a few months younger than Chase and they played pretty good together).
 My girls were just sure they weren't going to get in the water...
until they saw how much fun "Uncle Crispy" was having... 
 Cabriotti wanted to go first and then Emma soon followed and before I knew it they were standing on the board surfing!
 It was a BLAST!
 Chad with Terry (Jackie's Dad)
 I included this picture for your viewing pleasure because I have heard a lot of people say I never post pictures of myself. That is for 2 good reasons, I am almost always the one taking the pictures and I look like a whale ha ha! So here is a fabulous picture of me and Chad. I guess with only 6 weeks left until the baby is here I can't complain too much longer!
 We played the game spoons with the Simpson's version that has these yummy looking donuts and in my family it can get really intense! Last time we played we had to glue a donut back together after it was ripped in half. 
 Jackie and her Dad Terry 
 The kiddos on the last day as we were headed home. :( 5 days flies by when you are having a blast! Thanks Keller family for letting us stay on your mansion on the water!
Chad packing our boat up... 
 My kids each wanted a souvenir to take home so we got Emma this pretty necklace...
 Cabriotti picked this penguin thing...
Chase picked a truck and trailer of course! I love the face he made here as he cuddles up to the toy! ha ha

 Treasure Hunt
 Emma and Cabriotti got to have the girl scouts come over to our house for a fun treasure hunt. Emma's group found the treasure first...
 They each got tons of candy and a goody-bag
 Cabriotti and her group.
 Then we all went to the backyard to enjoy chocolate cupcakes with hot pink frosting (Cabriotti chose these of course!)
 To say they were sugared-up is and understatement! Look at her eyes, that says it all! ha ha 
Another lovely picture of me and one of the Moms...42 days left, just 42 days and then I promise I will no longer lounge in my "lazy clothes". 

Swiss Days!
 I had my sweet friend Lindsay make me these adorable custom matching costumes for my kids. She is an amazing seamstress and I called her to do these 2 days before I needed them. Lindsay definitely outdid herself and made them cuter than I imagined! I got so many compliments on them and the kids were so excited to show them off! You can also see some of the other darling things Lindsay makes here... 
The Little Mermaid float was cool!
This is Alex Boye' in the red car! 
My kids were going to ride on the float with the other Swiss Miss and Swiss Misters but they wanted to get the candy instead so we stood on the street. The parade was pretty fun to watch and the kids got more candy this year than ever. I will attribute that to their cute outfits! 
 Swiss days was a success, thanks again Lindsay! 
Chad and Chase at the car show next to his favorite car, a corvette.
 Chad likes the old ones like this.
After we were done at the car show everyone was hungry so we went to Marv's for lunch! MMMM yummy! (If you go there try the pickadilly chips)

Our busy life is about to get a lot more busy in just a few short weeks so hopefully I can get another couple posts before Princess Petersen makes her debut!