Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ready, set, go!

It sure feels like whenever I try to skip blogging for a few days, I get really behind. I can't believe how much can happen in just a few weeks. I have learned now that if I don't blog weekly, I feel completely overwhelmed! Here is what we have been up to lately...
The Temple
 I have really been trying to go to the temple a few times a month and do different things each time. This last week I went and did Sealings and it was truly a spiritual experience. I could feel the spirit so strong and I was so glad I went. Just like every time I go, I can always find an excuse why not to go, but when I don't let anything get in my way from attending, I am so blessed and I never regret it! Also, I am making plans for an early morning temple group once a month to just do some Initiatories. If you are interested in coming with me, let me know!

Taylor's First Cavity
 I took all my kids to the dentist for their cleanings a few weeks ago and found out that poor Tay-tay had a small cavity. She was so worried and I felt bad for her having to go back. She was fairly calm and it was a quick procedure but I just couldn't stand seeing her so sad! I took her to go get an Icee to help her get in a better mood.
This is how she looked for the next 4 hours. However, as soon as her cheek wasn't numb anymore, she wanted to go to soccer practice! How's that for a quick recovery! I was happy to see her playing and smiling again. Here's hoping there won't be anymore cavities, but I am well aware that's wishful thinking!
My Buddy
 The girls had a fun birthday party to go to on last Friday. It was April Fools Day and I had no real big plans (other than the annual trick on Chad, which he apparently was not too amused with so I will not mention) so Chase and I went off to do my favorite! He was so funny running up and down the mall with me. He would say he was a truck backing up and he would make beeping noises as he walked backwards. He was so helpful though because he offered to hold my mini Bath and Body Works bag. We went to a few stores and then got a cinnamon sugar pretzel from the Pretzelmaker at the only other "Food Stand" they have at our mall besides The Cornerstone Cafe. Lame! At least the pretzels were delicious!
 He of course has to stop here and buy some sort of candy from the dispensers every time we come here! This time he chose chicklets and was so delighted to get GUM! You see, he is banned from gum normally due to the leftover ABC kind I would find in my car/house. After he enjoyed a few pieces we were off to meet Daddy for a quick appearance to our friend's surprise birthday party before heading back to pick up the girls. It was a cute 80's themed party and it was great because we saw a bunch of our friends from our old ward there. We sat and caught up for a bit before leaving, we miss you guys!

Taylor's Ears
 This poor girl has had so many doctor appointments that she is never going to want to go back. A few weeks ago she had her Kindergarten Immunizations where they discovered another ear infection, she also had to have blood work done to see if she has any allergies that is causing her to be so little (1% for weight!), she then had her two dentist appointments, and most recently in this picture she is having x-rays done to see if her Adenoid is enlarged and needs to be removed. She is going into surgery next week to have tubes placed in her ears to help with the ear infections. We were relieved to hear that her  blood tests came back normal and that she is just genetically thin but healthy. I am anxious to get this next week over so she won't need to go back to the doctor for a while.
 Chase was a little monster and kept driving his cars on the machinery during the x-rays. He was just a wiggly kid that day! At least it lightened the mood and made Taylor laugh a lot.

Soccer Cont'd
 I love how at the end of Taylor's games she gets excited to shake the opponents teams hands. She is such a good sport and I love to watch her play!
 Emma is so serious when she is playing but when she is taking a water break she completely ignores the game! It is so neat to see her progress since last year and I am loving having the girls do it together too! Her team is darling because it's an all girls team and they are all so polite and feminine! Chad is actually going to step in next week and be their temporary coach. He is really excited to be involved with Emma's soccer team. This will be very interesting to say the least!

Our Class
 We teach this darling Sunbeams class each week and we are always amazed at how diverse each child is. It has been very educational for us both and we have developed some techniques to get them to behave (namely bribery AKA treats).  This week I bought a large Tupperware of toddler supplies that should make class AWESOME. I will post pictures soon. I am so glad we have the opportunity to teach as a couple together and enjoy these sweet children.

 It was time for bed and we could hear Chase, but we couldn't see him until....
 He popped open this cabinet...
 and jumped out! (Why does it always have to be my DVD cabinets he hides in?) ha ha ha

Cute Puppies
 Chad and I were on our way to take the kids to buy a toy with their allowance they have saved up from their points charts we have been using. However, we were temporarily distracted by these adorable pups!
 Emma liked this one who was appropriately named "Smokey"
 I found the only brown one and was showing the girls that this was what Cooper looked like as a puppy.
 Taylor liked the one with a blue and brendel(not sure how to spell those) mixture.

Conference Weekend
 We had my family visiting this past weekend for conference. We love to hear the messages shared and we want our kids to listen too. So I got this adorable Conference Bingo for them to listen with and I gave them Easter marshmallows for markers. As soon as they got a bingo they could eat that row of marshmallows. It worked fabulously. You could say we were spiritually fed as well as physically, ha ha! I was so happy to have my family together and enjoy the peace and spirit that conference brings.
Here is the Bingo card above I used in case you want to use it...

Happy Birthday Gary!
 We went out to dinner to Gregory's (our favorite restaurant) for Gary's birthday. Chad's sister Robyn and Brandon were there too.
 I chose to wear DARK RED lipstick that night and I could not wait to get it off! I never wear lipstick and I don't understand how people do. Chad and I got our usual, the Chateaubriand for two because it is romantic and delicious! 
 Here is the birthday boy, Gary and Linda.
We got Gary this neat Elk sculpture for him to take up to the ranch in Idaho. They gave him Creme Brule for desert with a candle in it. It was so yummy! We all had a great time together and left the restaurant so stuffed! I can't wait to go back though, I just need an excuse...anyone have a birthday coming up in need of celebrating...let me know...if not I am going anyways! Thank goodness we don't live in Mesquite or I would practically live there! :D