Monday, November 2, 2015

Hello Again.

I am nervous but excited to begin sharing some of the most intimate and miraculous details of my life. If  you are new to my blog I will give you a short introduction. My name is Jen. My husband Chad and I have been married now for a little over 12 years. We wasted no time and married right out of high school and started a family. Our Father in Heaven has blessed us with 5 precious souls, 4 girls (1 who is now an angel) & 1 boy. It's been a daily battle with the feelings of grief and loss. The gospel of Jesus Christ has been our saving grace. Heaven only knows where we would be right now without it. Little angel Natalie has taught us so much in this year since she has passed. After many months trying to decide if continuing this blog is beneficial to me and my family, I have come to the conclusion that if I can help people by sharing our journey then I will start again. I've been told this is therapeutic to write my thoughts and allow my mind to release things that I try desperately to hold on to and keep hidden. This year has quite obviously been the hardest year I have ever had to face hands down. However, it has also brought about some of the greatest growth and blessings of my life. My testimony is stronger than ever before. My priorities have changed. I can now say I look at life with an eternal perspective. Sitting at my computer tonight preparing my sweet angel's birthday invitation, I had a strong prompting that this is the time to start sharing my journey again. So here I am starting fresh. Stay tuned.
*Here is the invitation for those of you who would like to attend.*

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Michael said...

My sweet strong sister <3, it's good to hear your voice through your words. Excited to read what you have to share!